Screen printing plastisol ink.
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What is plastisol ink?


How do you dry plastisol ink?

Plastisol ink requires heat to fully dry/cure.  Once the entire ink film has reached 320º F the plastisol ink will be fully cured, allowing for great long-term durability and the ability to stretch with the fabric without cracking.  This is usually accomplished with a conveyor dryer manufactured specifically with screen printers in mind.


Why use One Stroke Inks?

One Stroke Inks manufactures plastisol screen printing ink with quality in mind.  This is why One Stroke Inks formulates so many different plastisol inks.  Fabrics such as 100% polyester uniforms require resistance to dye migration.  Lycra® and Spandex® require stretch ability.  100% nylon jackets and bags require excellent adhesion.  One Stroke Inks knows these materials and formulates their plastisol ink accordingly.


Where do I order One Stroke Inks?

One Stroke Inks is located in Louisville, Kentucky.  All plastisol inks manufactured by One Stroke Inks are only distributed factory direct.  Also located in Louisville, Kentucky is the UPS Worldwide Hub.  This assures customers located all over the country get the fastest UPS Ground shipping.  One Stroke Inks can ship to Chicago, Illinois in just one day.  Miami, Florida and even the furthest tip of Oklahoma are only two days away.  Utilize the information below to contact One Stroke Inks for the best plastisol ink.